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A leading San Diego Criminal and Defense Attorney, Neal Gibbons and Associates Law Office is dedicated to defending people charged with serious crimes and helping people who have been injured through the fault of others. Our principal office is in San Diego, but our lawyers represent clients in federal and state courts in every part of California. We invite you to contact us by email or (619) 497-2599 so we may discuss your case and answer any questions you have about retaining an experienced attorney.

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If you’ve been accused of a crime in the State of California you must be wondering what to do next. What could happen to me? Do I need a lawyer, and how do I find one? When you’re sitting in the court room and the clerk reads the case number and announces that it’s California vs. You, I can only imagine that you feel alone and scared. We know this is a difficult time for you. But there is hope, and there is help. We fight for our clients who are facing criminal charges in every part of California, everyday. Everyday, for people just like you. Whether you are facing a serious felony charge, a misdemeanor or summary offense, it is something that can seriously impact the rest of your life.

So, for the answers you need, please call our San Diego law offices NOW for your FREE criminal defense consultation. By calling us at (619) 497-2599 you can get some free advice on your situation, and find out what an experienced criminal defense lawyer can do for you, with no obligation.

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