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When you face domestic violence or abuse charges, it helps to know that your criminal defense attorney can truly empathize with your stress and anxiety. At The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates, myself and my staff have families, have sat on juries, and are all local to the San Diego area. We have helped hundreds of clients over the years facing the criminal, civil and social consequences associated with domestic violence allegations, even those that are totally unfounded and made for the purpose of securing an advantage in a divorce, separation or child custody dispute.

We aggressively help clients facing these charges because we know how very destructive domestic abuse convictions can be – they can prevent you from seeing your children, make you leave your home, make you maintain a perimeter of distance away from your family, send you to jail, cost you your constitutionally-protected rights to carry firearms and vote and, depending on your particular situation, could even cost you your job. The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates can help, we have handled thousands of criminal defense cases and hundreds of domestic violence/abuse cases.

The ultimate result of our unique experiences is an incomparable and dedicated legal defense for every case we accept. Through time-intensive preparation and creative representation, we have been able to reduce charges, have charges dropped altogether or plea bargain lesser sentences for hundreds of men and women facing domestic violence charges. We have worked with married couples, domestic partners, roommates, gay and lesbian couples not in a legally-outlined domestic partnership arrangement and a variety of other situations where domestic violence or abuse charges arise.

Credibility Can Make All the Difference. When standing before a judge, the presence and assistance of a well-respected, credible, and experienced attorney could very well mean the difference between leniency and the harshest-possible legal consequences (including jail time, permanent restraining orders, court costs and fines). Courts around the San Diego area know The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates for our honesty, our thorough preparation and our candor. While we can make no guarantees of a particular result in your case, we have been successful in the past at convincing judges and juries about our clients’ intentions and of their innocence.

To arrange a no-charge discussion of your domestic violence charges call: 619-850-6325 If you face domestic violence charges or have been served with a restraining order (sometimes referred to as an “order for protection”) in the San Diego area, you should contact The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates – with the skill, experience and compassion to help people just like you facing the most serious of legal consequences.

We accept credit cards as payment for our legal services, make a commitment to client communication, remain accessible to clients at all hours, and offer free initial consultations on all criminal matters.

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