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When Your Child’s Future Is at Stake

For those new to the adult justice system, legal processes and procedures are confusing enough, but usually at least somewhat familiar just by information gathered through popular television shows like “Law & Order” and court shows like “The People’s Court” and “Judge Judy.” The juvenile justice system, however, operates under completely different rules than the adult system, and can be overwhelming for even the most mature minor child.

Some major differences between the adult criminal justice system and the adult system are that the juvenile courts offer no absolute right to a jury trial and, if your child has been arrested, you have no right to free him or her by posting bail or bond. Unfortunately, the differences are significant enough that confusion regarding juvenile courts procedures could result in missed opportunities to help protect your child’s rights and his or her future.

At The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates we have helped hundreds of families navigate the juvenile justice system, and get their children back on track. We understand that, as a parent, you may fear that your child may be taken from you, placed in foster care or in the home of a relative, end up in jail or juvenile hall, or face a lifetime of educational, housing and career-related consequences. We help by defending your child the way you would and the way he or she deserves – with compassion, commitment and skill.

Regardless of whether your child is facing allegations of:

– A drug or alcohol offense
– Shoplifting
– Assault
– Delinquency/truancy
– A sex crime
– Gang-related crimes
– Vandalism
– Graffiti tagging

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We handle the defense of all juvenile charges, and we do so by investing the time to learn about each child’s unique situation.

We want to know your child’s background, whether there are any extenuating circumstances (such as fear for his or her own safety or the safety of another person if your child didn’t participate in a criminal act) and what your child’s plans for the future are. We work with minors and alleged juvenile offenders holistically, addressing issues relating to family dynamics, self-esteem, any possible abuse or violence in the home, gang activity in the neighborhood and any problems they may be having in school.

Our juvenile clients have a low recidivism rate – our presence, and our taking the time to really listen to them, is genuinely helping them get their lives back on track. While we cannot guarantee any specific result for your child’s case, however, you can feel confident that we will pour our heart and soul into protecting your child’s rights and future. The hundreds of letters from juvenile clients and their parents detailing how we have made a difference in their child’s life, speak to our track record of success handling these cases.