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Robbery and theft charges range from the shoplifting of low-priced items to the embezzlement of millions of dollars, and to armed robbery. Legal consequences vary between felonies and misdemeanors, but all theft convictions, like those for other crimes, result in a criminal record and the threat of jail time, high fines and weeks or months of community service.

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At The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates we have handled criminal defense matters for literally thousands of clients over the years, including countless cases involving robbery, armed robbery, theft, petty theft and shoplifting, embezzlement and other white-collar crimes.

If you face theft-related criminal charges, we can provide comprehensive, skilled and thorough legal help in a supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere. In today’s challenging economy, even a conviction for something as seemingly minor as petty theft can stand between you and a much-needed job.

If you face theft charges, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates.

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We work with private investigators to investigate theft claims, and obtain police reports and photos to build a strategic defense. We are skilled at countering prosecutors’ arguments and charges, and at identifying and proving police errors that can lead to a reduction of or outright dismissal of charges against you. We also commonly work with alleged victims to work out a civil compromise.

By offering to make amends, serious and debilitating legal consequences can often be avoided. If you or a loved one is currently incarcerated, we can also provide experienced bail-bond legal services to obtain your freedom.