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White-collar crimes are increasing as the nation faces growing economic challenges.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the allegations you face, at The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates, we understand that even the most conscientious people can find themselves in desperate situations where they make mistakes. We understand that anyone facing criminal penalties needs and deserves caring, support and excellent legal help in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We have helped hundreds of individuals fight and beat charges of white-collar crime.

Although we cannot guarantee a specific successful result in your case, rest assured that we will put the full force of our experience and extensive knowledge of the law to work for you.

We can help if you have been accused of a variety of white-collar crimes, including:

– Embezzlement
– Check fraud
– Counterfeiting
– Identity theft
– Computer fraud

The Law Office of Neal Gibbons and Associates has in-depth experience with prosecutorial and police procedures which gives us unique insight into the specific requirements necessary to prove these cases in court and how to defend you against them.

We also recognize that in such serious allegations as these, early intervention can possibly prevent cases from being filed or can at least have the charges reduced to lesser cause the case to be filed as a lesser charge. For example, early intervention may influence the district attorney to reduce your charge from a felony to a misdemeanor, or to not file your case at all. We have helped people in small, family-owned “mom and pop” businesses and those with huge national corporations, from first-time offenders to those some would consider “serial embezzlers.”