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Domestic violence allegations can be damaging to your reputation. These rumors can quickly spread and strain connections between you and your loved ones. Protect yourself against false domestic abuse accusations with help from Neal Gibbons Attorney at Law, a trusted domestic violence defense attorney in San Diego County.

Protect Your Reputation

Neal Gibbons Attorney at Law is dedicated to defending people facing serious charges, and for years, we have successfully helped people win their cases against untrue accusations. Our criminal and defense attorney can help maintain and protect your reputation.
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Protect Your Reputation

Abuse charges can be physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological. This accusation would be considered “domestic violence” if the threats or abuse were directed at someone with whom you have a close relationship, such as: 
  • Spouse (Current or Former) 
  • Romantic Partner (Current or Former) 
  • Your Child 
  • Your Child’s Mother/Father 
  • Another Close Relative 
The California Family Code section 6203 states that abuse includes any instance of:
  • Physically Hurting an Individual or Attempting To Do So 
  • Threatening Physical Abuse 
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Harassing or Stalking Behavior

Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction

The court may impose additional punishments on you if you are found responsible for a crime concerning domestic abuse. Domestic violence convictions result in a public criminal record on every background check and might affect your possible employment opportunities. Other adverse effects of a domestic violence conviction could be:
  • Irreparable Damage to Your Reputation 
  • Revocation of Your Professional License
  • Gun Ownership Prohibition 
  • Deportation of Non-Citizens

Hire a Seasoned Defense Lawyer

Facing abuse charges in San Diego courts can be challenging, but having an experienced defense attorney in a domestic violence case can make a difference. Give yourself the best chance to claim your innocence and keep your freedom.
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